Welcome to the Gatorbox Secret Stash!

The "Secret Stash" is our side archival project where we try to preserve and save media that is lost, partially lost, or at a very high risk of becoming lost. The contents of this archive are presented here in good faith, no copyright infringement is intended. These are archives of media that are presently no longer offered for sale or obtainable by conventional means. If you would like your content removed, please email us at flyinglizardsa(AT)gmail.com.

To download these files please right click the link and choose "Save Target As..." (or the applicable option in your browser of choice).


BattleBots (Gamecube, 2003) - 1.4GB
BattleBots: Metal Breakdown (Flash, 2001) - 231KB
Escape From Flea Market Montgomery (PC, 2017) - 4MB
Monster Trucks Nitro (Promo Ver.) (PC, 2009) - 72.4MB
Moraff's World of Games (PC, 199X) - 118MB
NanoQuest (PC, 2006) - 51MB
Pokemon: Play It! (PC, 2002) - 173MB
Road Wars (PC, 2001) - 244MB
Stair Dismount (Porrasturvat) (PC, 2003) - 2.4MB
Super Gatorbox Bros (PC, 2017) - 72.9MB
TAKAGISM: Crimson Room (Flash, 2004) - 386KB
TAKAGISM: Yellow Chamber (Flash, 2004) - 15KB
     Yellow Chamber was part of a puzzle solution in Crimson Room, it is deprecated and is here for archival purposes only.
TAKAGISM: Viridian Room (Flash, 2004) - 1.8MB
TAKAGISM: Blue Chamber (Flash, 2004) - 340KB
TAKAGISM: White Chamber [FILE1] [FILE2] (Flash, 2005) - 4.36MB
     You must place both files in the same directory, then launch start.swf to play White Chamber.
Trax: The Robot Wars (PC, 1997) - 169MB
Truck Dismount (Rekkaturvat) (PC, 2003) - 2.1MB


Draco From Gatorbox: Echoes (Album, 2022) - 39.6MB
Radical TV: AV Kids - (EP, 1986) - 53.2MB
Radio F: F-Sides, The Best of Radio F (Album, 2006) - 26.1MB
Radio X: What Are We Going To Call This? (EP, 1984) - 16.6MB
Rockyowitz: Bob-Omb Battlefield Rock (Single, 2016) - 2.3MB
Rockyowitz: Bob-Omb Battlefield Rock (Acoustic) (Single, 2021) - 38MB
Toshimitsu Takagi: Theme From White Chamber (Single, 2004) - 6.5MB
Toshimitsu Takagi: Theme From White Chamber (Reprise) (Single, 2004) - 943KB
"Ultimate Spinner Challenge" (EP, 2020) - 23.1MB


"Sausage Enforcer" by goose (2006) - 327KB
"This Is My House" by LousySpy (2002) - 285KB


How to Collect Cards - 10.2MB


Big Rigs (Flash Movie) - 107KB
Miniclip.com "UpBeat" OST (Launch Ver.) - 3.3MB
Pokemon: Play It! (Desktops) - 2MB


Archival/investigation in progress

The Adventurers (PC, 1993) - In final preparations for archival
Autofrag: SUMO (PC, 2005) - Company closed down, cracking in progress