Game Directory

Way back in 2012 on the very first iteration of the Gatorbox website we had this handy page that listed every single game that had been featured on the stream. This was useful because at the time we streamed much more frequently than we do today due to having multiple hosts who all had their own time slot. The directory page listed all of the games, information about them, who streamed it, and a link to the YouTube upload. When the official stream website migrated to the domain and switched to WordPress this directory page ultimately did not make the jump as coding it into the website proved to be difficult and its contents would be outdated anyways since the majority of the original hosts did not stay with the project.

Now, a decade later, our YouTube channel is approaching 2,000 uploaded videos. There’s a lot of legitimately interesting content on the channel but there’s so much stuff to sift through that a layperson probably won’t want to expend the effort needed and will instead just default to watching the most recent uploads completely oblivious to the fact that there’s amazing crap like a playthrough of E.T.: Digital Companion on the channel where I accidentally break the game and overflow its internal memory rendering the game completely unplayable. My solution to hopefully fix this and get viewers interested in our older library of content is to bring back the big ass directory. So, here it is. This giant table lists everything alphabetically and is fully searchable using the built-in search bar feature.

To clarify, not everything that’s been featured on Gatorbox made it into this directory. For example, GAME HELL is absent from this page because in those videos multiple games are featured as opposed to focusing on just one and following it through. Games that have been featured in our Extra Life marathons are also something of an exception; since many of these games have been featured multiple times only the most recent feature is included in the directory. Additionally, games that were featured in an Extra Life marathon as a game challenge aren’t included on this page. For a complete listing of everything that’s been featured in our Extra Life marathons, including challenges, please see this page on the Gatorbox Wiki.

GamePlatformStream TypeUpload DateYouTube Link
3D Body AdventurePCPromo1/5/2016Click Here
3D Dinosaur AdventurePCPromo1/3/2016Click Here
Action 52GenesisFeature7/6/2017Click Here
Action 52NESFeature8/20/2013Click Here
Action Man: Operation ExtremePlayStationFeature12/13/2023Click Here
AdventureAtari 2600Extra Life12/7/2020Click Here
Alex Jones: NWO WarsPCFeatureTBA
Alligator People, TheAtari 2600Feature7/3/2017Click Here
American ChopperPlayStation 2FeatureTBA
American Chopper 2: Full ThrottlePlayStation 2FeatureTBA
Angels With Scaly WingsPCFeature4/6/2017Click Here
Angry AlligatorSwitchFeatureTBA
ApocalypsePlayStationFeature2/6/2019Click Here
Arkista's RingNESExtra Life11/10/2018Click Here
Asmik Kun-landFamicomExtra Life11/17/2015Click Here
Atari Flashback CollectionSwitchChillTBA
Attack of the LabyrinthPCExtra Life12/5/2016Click Here
Austin Powers: Oh, Behave!Game Boy ColorFeature2/2/2015Click Here
Avatar: The Burning EarthXbox 360Feature6/12/2023Click Here
Avatar: The Last AirbenderPlayStation 2ChillTBA
Banjo-KazooieNintendo 64ChillTBA
Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & BoltsXbox 360ChillTBA
Barbie Rainbow AdventureDVDFeature1/11/2017Click Here
Barney's Hide & Seek GameGenesisExtra Life12/1/2022Click Here
Batman & RobinGame.comFeature4/1/2015Click Here
BattleBotsGamecubePremiere12/25/2021Click Here
BattleBotsGame Boy AdvanceFeature11/5/2015Click Here
Beyblade V-Force 5-in-1StandaloneFeatureTBA
Bible BuffetNESExtra Life12/2/2023Click Here
Bigfoot: Collision CourseWiiFeature5/20/2019Click Here
Bigfoot: King of CrushWiiFeatureTBA
Biker Mice From MarsSuper NintendoExtra Life11/21/2023Click Here
Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon SGame GearFeature8/29/2022Click Here
Blast CorpsNintendo 64Feature1/10/2022Click Here
Bloody Roar 4PlayStation 2Feature10/27/2023Click Here
Bomberman Act ZeroXbox 360Feature9/26/2015Click Here
Brok: The InvestigatorPCChillTBA
Bubsy 3DPlayStationFeatureTBA
Bubsy 3D: Bubsy Visits the James Turrel RetrospectivePCFeature11/2/2015Click Here
Bubsy: The Woolies Strike BackPCFeatureTBA
Bug AdventurePCPromo1/8/2016Click Here
Cabela's Alaskan AdventuresXbox 360Feature7/7/2023Click Here
Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2011Xbox 360FeatureTBA
Cap'n Crunch's Crunchling AdventurePCFeature7/16/2020Click Here
Cartoon Network Punch Time Explosion XLXbox 360Feature7/20/2021Click Here
Cat NinjaFlashPromo1/23/2014Click Here
Cat SacksPCPromo6/28/2023Click Here
CentipedeGame.comFeature3/6/2015Click Here
Chiki Chiki BoysGenesisExtra Life11/24/2015Click Here
Chintendo ViiStandaloneFeature1/3/2024Click Here
Chomp! The Video GamePCFeature6/10/2020Click Here
Club PenguinWebFeature4/12/2017ClickHere
Club Penguin IslandWebFeature1/7/2019Click Here
Coin Game, ThePCFeature5/2/2019Click Here
Combat 2001PCFeature5/16/2017Click Here
Commandos: Behind Enemy LinesPCPromo4/28/2015Click Here
Cool SpotGenesisExtra Life1/11/2021Click Here
Cosmic SpaceheadGenesisExtra Life11/10/2018Click Here
Cracker Jack ArcadeWebFeature9/5/2022Click Here
Creepypasta Land 2: SCP ForcePCFeature2/19/2019Click Here
Crimson Room QuadrilogyPCFeature3/12/2019Click Here
Crimson Room: DecadePCFeature3/19/2019Click Here
Croc's WorldSwitchExtra Life11/30/2020Click Here
Croc's World Construction KitPCFeatureTBA
damn.dogWebFeature9/14/2022Click Here
Dead or Alive Xtreme 2Xbox 360Feature10/22/2021Click Here
Death Attends the MatineeWebFeatureTBA
Demolish & Build 2018PCFeatureTBA
Destruction Derby 64Nintendo 64Extra Life11/19/2021Click Here
Destruction Derby ArenasPlayStation 2Extra Life11/17/2021Click Here
Dinosaur Adventure 3DPCFeature7/18/2017Click Here
Dinotopia: The Sunstone OdysseyGamecubeChillTBA
Disney Dogs: Blue Ribbon ChallengeDVDFeature1/15/2017Click Here
Disneyland AdventureXbox 360FeatureTBA
Doki Doki Literature ClubPCChillTBA
DolphinAtari 2600Feature4/19/2017Click Here
Donkey Kong CountrySuper NintendoExtra Life11/15/2013Click Here
Dr. Jekyll & Mr. HydeNESFeature10/23/2020Click Here
Dragon Riders: Chronicles of PernDreamcastChillTBA
Dragon Tales: Dragon AdventuresGame Boy ColorExtra Life11/19/2023Click Here
Dragon Tales: Dragon SeekPlayStationFeature1/18/2017Click Here
Dragonheart: Fire & SteelPlayStationFeature11/2/2018Click Here
Duck Tales 2NESExtra Life11/25/2023Click Here
Duke Nukem 3DGame.comFeature3/17/2015Click Here
Duke Nukem ForeverPCExtra Life12/13/2016Click Here
Dynamite HeaddyGenesisExtra Life12/1/2022Click Here
E.T.: Digital CompanionGame Boy ColorFeature7/18/2019Click Here
E.T.: Interplanetary MissionPlayStationFeature7/18/2022Click Here
EcstaticaPCFeature4/26/2021Click Here
EragonXbox 360ChillTBA
FahrenheitSega CDFeature6/8/2017Click Here
FantavisionPlayStation 2Extra Life11/30/2020Click Here
Fatum BetulaSwitchFeatureTBA
Fighters MegamixGame.comFeature4/8/2015Click Here
Five Nights at Freddy'sPCFeature7/23/2018Click Here
FlatOut 3: Chaos & DestructionPCFeature10/16/2014Click Here
Food FightArcadeFeature9/12/2015Click Here
Forest, ThePCChillTBA
Forgotten Ones, ThePCFeature2/2/2016Click Here
Friday the 13thNESFeature10/29/2020Click Here
Friends: The One with All the TriviaPlayStation 2Feature4/11/2022Click Here
FroggerGame.comFeature3/6/2015Click Here
Fugitive HunterPlayStation 2Feature9/23/2022Click Here
Game RoomXbox 360Feature8/17/2015Click Here
Godlimations: EscapeFlashFeature5/22/2023Click Here
Goldeneye 007Nintendo 64Feature9/25/2018Click Here
Goma-chan no Yuuenchi DaiboukenSuper FamicomFeatureTBA
Gon' E-Choo!PCFeature6/11/2019Click Here
Gone HomePCFeature4/25/2017Click Here
Goof TroopSuper NintendoExtra Life11/19/2015Click Here
Goosebumps: HorrorlandWiiFeature6/15/2018Click Here
Goosebumps: The GamePCFeatureTBA
Grimace's BirthdayGame Boy ColorExtra Life11/25/2023Click Here
H.E.R.O.Atari 2600Feature8/20/2015Click Here
Hacker, TheNESExtra Life11/14/2018Click Here
Harm's WayXbox 360Extra Life12/9/2020Click Here
Heathcliff: The Fast and the FurriestWiiFeatureTBA
Hell Yeah!PCFeatureTBA
HenryGame.comFeature4/15/2015Click Here
Holiday Express, ThePCFeature10/15/2014Click Here
Hollow KnightPCChillTBA
Hot Wheels: CRASH!PCFeature9/20/2018Click Here
House FlipperPCFeatureTBA
Hugo's House of HorrorsPCFeatureTBA
HuntPCFeature5/23/2017Click Here
Ice Road TruckersPCFeature10/28/2015Click Here
Imagine: Fashion DesignerPCFeatureTBA
IMSCAREDPCFeature12/27/2016Click Here
Incredible Crash Dummies, TheMaster SystemFeature5/24/2023Click Here
Indy 500Game.comFeature2/22/2015Click Here
Innsmouth no YakataVirtual BoyFeature10/24/2022Click Here
Inunaki TunnelPCFeatureTBA
Jeopardy! JuniorNESFeature1/24/2019Click Here
Jimmie Johnson's Anything with an EngineXbox 360Feature5/13/2019Click Here
Jungle Book, TheGenesisExtra Life12/6/2021Click Here
Jurassic HeartPCFeature9/6/2022Click Here
Jurassic ParkGame GearExtra Life11/26/2021Click Here
Kids on SiteSega CDFeature6/8/2017Click Here
Kileak: The DNA ImperativePlayStationFeature6/6/2016Click Here
Kileak: The DNA Imperative 2: EpidemicPlayStationFeature2/23/2022Click Here
Kileak: The DNA Imperative 3: Brahma ForcePlayStationFeatureTBA
Kirby's AdventureNESExtra Life12/1/2022Click Here
Kirby's Dream Land 2Game BoyChillTBA
Kirby Super StarSuper NintendoExtra Life11/7/2014Click Here
Kitten KaboodleArcadeFeature8/20/2015Click Here
Kitten SquadSwitchFeature3/17/2023Click Here
Kroc & RollPCFeature7/4/2017Click Here
Largo Winch: Commando SarPlayStationFeature11/1/2015Click Here
Last Half of Darkness, ThePCFeatureTBA
Last Half of Darkness 2, ThePCFeatureTBA
Last Half of Darkness 3, ThePCFeatureTBA
Lawnmower Racing Mania '07PCFeature6/5/2017Click Here
LCD Sports: American FootballPCFeature6/25/2019Click Here
Lego Island Xtreme StuntsGame Boy AdvanceFeature2/11/2015Click Here
Lego RacersNintendo 64Feature1/23/2023Click Here
Lights Out!Game.comFeature2/19/2015Click Here
Lightspan AdventuresPlayStationFeature10/8/2021Click Here
Loons: The Fight for FameXboxFeature10/12/2015Click Here
Lost World, The: Jurassic ParkGame.comFeature3/31/2015Click Here
Lost World, The: Jurassic ParkGame GearExtra Life11/26/2021Click Here
Lost World, The: Jurassic ParkPlayStationFeature8/8/2018Click Here
Love QuestPCFeatureTBA
M.C. KidsNESExtra Life11/27/2023Click Here
Madvent Calendar 2020PCFeatureTBA
Maniac MansionNESFeature7/3/2015Click Here
MANOS: The Hands of FatePCExtra Life12/2/2022Click Here
Mansion of Hidden Souls, TheSega CDFeatureTBA
Mary-Kate & Ashley: Sweet 16PlayStation 2Feature9/15/2020Click Here
Max: An Autistic JourneyPCFeature8/7/2017Click Here
McDonald's Treasure Land AdventureGenesisFeature1/26/2014Click Here
McDonaldlandGame BoyExtra Life11/26/2023Click Here
Medieval GamesWiiFeatureTBA
Mega ManNESChillTBA
Mega Man 2NESChillTBA
Mega Man 3NESChillTBA
Mega Man 4NESChillTBA
Mega Man 5NESChillTBA
Mega Man 6NESChillTBA
MegaRacePCPromo1/15/2015Click Here
Mercury HgXbox 360Extra Life12/7/2020Click Here
Mi-Pad 80StandaloneFeature2/25/2019Click Here
Mining & Tunneling SimulatorPCFeature6/1/2017Click Here
Missing in ActionArcadeFeature9/13/2015Click Here
MonopolyGame.comFeature4/15/2015Click Here
Monster GarageXboxFeature10/25/2018Click Here
Monster Jam: Crush It!SwitchFeatureTBA
Monster Jam Steel TitansSwitchFeature5/16/2022Click Here
Monster Jam Steel Titans 2SwitchFeature7/31/2023Click Here
Monster RancherPlayStationFeature8/24/2022Click Here
Monster Truck Madness 64Nintendo 64Extra Life11/15/2023Click Here
Monster Truck XT Airport DerbySwitchFeature7/26/2023Click Here
Monster Trucks NitroPCFeature7/21/2023Click Here
Moraff's World of GamesPCFeature5/10/2016Click Here
Mortal Kombat TrilogyGame.comFeature2/7/2015Click Here
Muppets Party CruisePlayStation 2FeatureTBA
Murder of Sonic the Hedgehog, ThePCFeatureTBA
My Little Pony: Dr. Discord's ConquestNESExtra Life11/16/2023Click Here
My StreetPlayStation 2FeatureTBA
MythBusters: The GamePCFeatureTBA
NanoQuestPCFeature6/6/2018Click Here
NanosaurPCFeature9/20/2023Click Here
Nanosaur 2: HatchlingPCFeature3/25/2020Click Here
NASCAR Thunder 2002XboxFeature10/17/2018Click Here
Neo Aquarium: King of CrustaceansPCFeatureTBA
NES RemixWii UChillTBA
NES Remix 2Wii UChillTBA
New York Bus: The SimulationPCFeature5/16/2017Click Here
Nightmare on Elm Street, ANESFeature10/27/2020Click Here
Nippon MarathonSwitchFeatureTBA
NRA: Gun ClubPlayStation 2Feature1/25/2017Click Here
*NSYNC: Get to the Show!Game Boy ColorExtra Life11/17/2023Click Here
Obscure: The AftermathWii / PlayStation 2FeatureTBA
Pac-Man and The Ghostly AdventuresXbox 360ChillTBA
Pac-Man and The Ghostly Adventures 2Xbox 360ChillTBA
Pac-Man Championship Edition DXPCExtra Life11/26/2019Click Here
Pinchcliffe Grand PrixSwitchFeatureTBA
Pitfall!Atari 2600Feature7/3/2017Click Here
Pokemon Blue VersionGame BoyChill6/22/2023Click Here
Pokemon Green VersionGame BoyChillTBA
Pokemon: Play It!PCFeature9/14/2018Click Here
Pokemon Masters ArenaPCFeature2/24/2020Click Here
Power Factory feat. C+C Music FactorySega CDFeature5/23/2017Click Here
Pony IslandPCFeature6/22/2017Click Here
Power Joy Classic TV GameStandaloneFeatureTBA
Power Joy IIStandaloneFeatureTBA
Power Player Super Joy IIIStandaloneFeature5/7/2022Click Here
Power Rangers Dino ThunderPlayStation 2Feature8/19/2021Click Here
Powerpuff Girls, TheGame Boy ColorFeature2/24/2023Click Here
Powerpuff Girls, The: Relish RampagePlayStation 2FeatureTBA
Pressure CookerAtari 2600Feature9/9/2015Click Here
Price is Right: Decades, TheXbox 360FeatureTBA
PuggsyGenesisExtra Life11/14/2023Click Here
Quiz Wiz Cyber TriviaGame.comFeature2/22/2015Click Here
Raw Danger!PlayStation 2Feature12/19/2014Click Here
Razor RacingPlayStationFeatureTBA
Real Heroes: FirefighterPC / WiiFeatureTBA
Red SteelWiiFeature1/5/2024Click Here
Resident Evil: Director's CutPlayStationFeature1/31/2017Click Here
Resident Evil 2Game.comFeature4/22/2015Click Here
Retroplay 200-in-1StandaloneFeature2/13/2017Click Here
Return to Castle WolfensteinPCChillTBA
Road WarsPCFeatureTBA
Robot ArenaPCFeature1/26/2015Click Here
Robot Arena 3PCFeature4/3/2017Click Here
Robot Squad Simulator 2017SwitchFeature2/15/2023Click Here
Robot Wars: Extreme DestructionGame Boy AdvanceExtra Life11/30/2022Click Here
Robot Wars: Metal MayhemGame Boy ColorFeature11/9/2015Click Here
Ronald in the Magical WorldGame GearExtra Life11/26/2023Click Here
Room of 1,000 SnakesPCFeature11/2/2015Click Here
Ruff Trigger: The Vanocore ConspiracyPlayStation 2ChillTBA
Rugrats: All Growed Up!PCFeature12/27/2018Click Here
Rugrats: Search for ReptarPlayStationExtra Life12/14/2016Click Here
Run Like HellXboxChillTBA
Savage SkiesPlayStation 2Feature7/3/2019Click Here
ScrabbleGame.comFeature4/14/2015Click Here
Search & Rescue: Coastal HeroesPCFeature10/11/2023Click Here
Shamu's Deep Sea AdventuresPlayStation 2Feature4/17/2017Click Here
Shao-lin's RoadArcadeExtra Life11/22/2022Click Here
Shark! Shark!IntellivisionFeature9/13/2015Click Here
Short Hike, APCChillTBA
Shovel KnightPCExtra Life11/25/2022Click Here
Six Flags Fun ParkWiiFeature12/30/2022Click Here
SledgehammerPCFeature3/3/2016Click Here
Sonic.exePCFeature1/18/2015Click Here
Sonic Adventure 2DreamcastFeature3/22/2023Click Here
Sonic Dreams CollectionPCFeature11/11/2015Click Here
Sonic JamGame.comFeature2/6/2015Click Here
Sonic OriginsPCChillTBA
Sonic Pocket AdventureNeo-Geo Pocket ColorExtra Life11/17/2023Click Here
Sonic SpinballGame GearFeature8/31/2022Click Here
Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & KnucklesGenesisExtra Life11/27/2019Click Here
Sonic the Hedgehog GenesisGame Boy AdvanceFeature9/21/2020Click Here
Soundproof CellPCFeature12/5/2018Click Here
Space AdventurePCPromo1/8/2016Click Here
Spot Goes to HollywoodGenesisExtra Life11/29/2019Click Here
Spot: The Cool AdventureGame BoyExtra Life1/11/2021Click Here
Spyro: Attack of the RhynocsGame Boy AdvanceChillTBA
Spyro Reignited TrilogySwitchChill10/15/2023Click Here
Spyro the DragonPlayStationExtra Life11/15/2018Click Here
Star FoxSuper NintendoExtra Life12/2/2019Click Here
Star Fox 64Nintendo 64Extra Life11/18/2020Click Here
Stigmatized PropertyPCFeatureTBA
Super Gatorbox Bros.PCFeature5/29/2017Click Here
Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3Game Boy AdvanceFeatureTBA
Super Mario Bros. NESChillTBA
Super Mario Bros. 2NESExtra Life12/16/2019Click Here
Super Mario Bros. 3NESExtra Life11/23/2015Click Here
Super Mario Bros. 35SwitchExtra Life12/2/2020Click Here
Super Mario LandGame BoyExtra Life11/25/2023Click Here
Super Mario MakerWii USeries9/15/2015Click Here
Super Mario Maker 2SwitchSeries7/2/2019Click Here
Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's IslandSuper NintendoChillTBA
Super Mario World 64GenesisFeature1/15/2019Click Here
Super Off RoadArcadeExtra Life11/16/2021Click Here
Super Off RoadSuper NintendoExtra Life11/15/2023Click Here
Super Smash Bros. UltimateSwitchChill1/9/2024Click Here
Tail 'GatorGame BoyExtra Life12/2/2022Click Here
Tails AdventureGame GearChillTBA
Thunder CastleIntellivisionFeature9/12/2015Click Here
Thunder Truck RallyPlayStationFeature7/24/2023Click Here
TNN Motorsports: Hardcore 4x4PlayStationFeature3/1/2017Click Here
Tokyo JunglePlayStation 3FeatureTBA
Tonka Rescue PatrolGamecubeFeature8/5/2020Click Here
Trax: The Robot WarsPCFeatureTBA
Trick Trap 1771ArcadeExtra Life11/22/2022Click Here
Trigger ManPlayStation 2Feature3/27/2019Click Here
Triple 333PCFeature2/12/2019Click Here
Twisted Metal IIIPlayStationExtra Life11/21/2022Click Here
Twisted Metal 4PlayStationExtra Life11/14/2018Click Here
Tyrian 2000PCExtra Life11/14/2018Click Here
Undersea AdventurePCPromo1/12/2016Click Here
Universal Studios Theme Park AdventureGamecubeFeatureTBA
VCL: Motor MayhemPlayStation 2Feature10/25/2015Click Here
VectormanGenesisExtra Life11/23/2022Click Here
Vice City ManhattanPCFeatureTBA
Virtua Racing DX32XExtra Life11/24/2021Click Here
Vs. Maxx 50-in-1StandaloneFeature3/8/2016Click Here
Wacky RacesNESExtra Life11/23/2023Click Here
War in Heaven, ThePCFeatureTBA
Warehouse & Logistics SimulatorPCFeature6/1/2017Click Here
Wargames: Defcon 5PlayStationFeature3/31/3016Click Here
WebkinzWebFeature5/6/2019Click Here
Wheel of FortuneGame.comFeature2/10/2015Click Here
Wheel of Fortune 2Game.comFeature2/17/2015Click Here
Who's That Pokemon?WebChill5/17/2021Click Here
Williams Arcade ClassicsGame.comFeature3/24/2015Click Here
Wonderful End of the World, ThePCExtra Life12/28/2020Click Here
World of GunsPCFeature1/18/2019Click Here
World's Scariest Police ChasesPlayStationFeatureTBA
YIIK: A Postmodern RPGPlayStation 4Feature8/21/2023Click Here
Yoshi's StoryNintendo 64Extra Life11/22/2021Click Here
Yukkuri no MeikyuXbox 360Extra Life11/22/2022Click Here
Zombies Ate My NeighborsSuper NintendoFeature4/19/2022Click Here
Zone 60StandaloneFeature6/16/2020Click Here