FAQ: GatorUNbox

Here at Gatorbox we are always on the lookout for weird stuff to feature on our series “GatorUNbox” and we are constantly getting new things… but we are only able to search locally. That’s where our fans come into play; you guys are all over the place and at your request I’ve decided to make Gatorbox’s post office box public:


PO Box #2429
Fulton, TX 78358


As a courtesy, we ask that you keep the following guidelines in mind:

  1. Do not put anything other than “Gatorbox” as the addressee otherwise your mail may not get delivered. If a place requires a first and last name use “Gator Box”.
  2. Do not send food or perishables. We don’t really do food/snack unboxings, plus sending edibles in the mail can subject them to temperature fluctuations and cause spoilage.
  3. Do not send us anything “biological”. That means anything that’s alive or used to be alive.
  4. Do not abuse state/government-funded programs. We don’t need 100’s of condoms sent to us and pissing tax dollars away like that isn’t funny.
  5. If you would like to send a shirt, Draco’s size is XL. If you are ordering clothing from China (Aliexpress, Banggood, etc) make the order a 2XL as their sizing standards are different from the United States’.
  6. We will not disclose your real name or return address and they will be removed from the package. You will be credited by your first name unless you put your screenname somewhere on the package.

That’s really it. If you want a signed COLA card sent back to you either send us a self-addressed stamped envelope or include one with the stuff you’re sending. Draco will write some life advice on the back for you.

To see some examples of things our fans have sent us in the past, CLICK HERE.