Jackbox Games Viewer FAQ

If you’re here that means you’re probably interested in playing along with the Gatorbox community when we have our Community Game Nights with games from the popular “Jackbox Party Pack” anthologies. The steps on this page will help get you set up and ready to play while also laying down some house rules.


This part is super simple. You will need:

  • Another browser tab/window, a smartphone, tablet, or really anything else that can access the internet.
  • A Twitch account (we assume you already have one of those…).
  • An account with the chat service Discord.
  • Be a validated user of the Gatorbox Discord community.

These two additional measures (along with others that don’t affect you as a player) are in place to prevent trolls from joining games and submitting offensive messages during the streams. Thus far this system, while admittedly a little tedious, has worked with 100% efficacy. Currently we do NOT approve new Discord users who join specifically for Jackbox in the same night we are streaming. We ask that you spend some time within the community so that you may better understand our humor and how things work around here.

Once you’ve got those accounts set up, here’s how to join a game:

  1. Go to jackbox.tv in your web browser.
  2. Click the menu button in the upper left.
  3. Click the purple “TWITCH” button to connect your Twitch account with Jackbox.
  4. The 4-letter join code (“XKCD” for example) will be posted to the #gatorbox channel on our Discord.
  5. Type in the join code to the Jackbox website and click “PLAY”.
  6. That’s it!

If the room filled up as you were joining many of the games will still allow you to participate as an audience member in various ways. This includes submitting bogus answers to fool other players, voting on answers to help players earn more points, and in the case of some games “The Audience” itself IS a character within the game! Depending on the selected game the rules and style of play will be different, but by and large Jackbox’s games focus around humor and who can perform the best and make others laugh. It’s not about winning or losing, it’s about having fun and seeing how hard you can make Draco laugh with borderline inappropriate humor.


Like any growing community Gatorbox has some special “house rules” that are in effect for our Jackbox game nights. Please keep the following in mind as you play along:

  1. Any/all answers you submit MUST abide by Twitch’s ToS regarding things you are not allowed to say (slurs, etc).
  2. Any/all answers you submit MUST also abide by Gatorbox’s rules in our Discord, which are about the same.
  3. Do not submit answers that are intended to be emotionally upsetting to Draco. We don’t need to provide examples.
  4. If we’re dealing with a crowded night please be courteous to others and take turns between games so everyone can play.

If you violate the Jackbox/Twitch/Gatorbox rules expect a warning, though in severe cases you may be banned from the chat and Discord. Repeated warnings will also lead to this same outcome.